WITNESS  is about the beautiful and tumultuous life I had growing up in Harlem. It is about how I overcame the sociopolitical tensions that aimed to deem me immobile in a hood where so much of my kin accepted the limited conditions of our circumstances. I want this album to be held together by the powerful voices that have carried me through my life, the voices that taught me to be audacious, daring and so very in love with myself and my blackness. Thank you for leading by example, it is an honor to have been raised on your work and I sincerely hope you will consider being a part of WITNESS.

Please record 60-90 seconds reflecting on your experience of “witnessing” whatever that means to you, or if you’d prefer discuss what freedom looks like to you. These will serve as interludes throughout the album alongside commentary from my mother and the stunning children of Educated Little Monsters in Bushwick.